22 October, 2011

This is my first msbi ssrs Quetions


1. Difference between Logical Page an Physical Page in SSRS.
2. How to configure SSRS for Disaster recovery.
3. Describe the role of Encrpytion key in Report Server Configuration manager.
4. User want only to display only pdf as export option in report Manager .. Describe Steps to perform this .
5. Name and Describe few console utilities for SSRS.
6. Name few Endpoints exposed by SSRs 2008.
7. How can you access the Code in You report. Describe the Static and intance based method with example.
8. how to add custome Assemblies to Report.
9. What is Linked Report.
10. What are different types of roles provided by SSRS.
11. Describe different Processing Modes offered by SSRS.
12. When to Use Null Data driven Subscription?
13. What Factors need to take into consideration while desigining a international report ( Localaization ).
14. What are different option to deploy report from Dev to Prod.
15. What are the new Controls / Features added in SSRS 2008 / SSRS 2008 R2
16. How can you monitor the report Usage.
17. How can you add a new report User to report manager.
18. How can you create the dynamaic Datasource. Can a Shared Datasource be Dynamic?
19. A report is Performing poorly . What steps you would take to troubleshoot the Issue.
20. Write an Expression to perform a Division of two Integers fields and to avoid NAN error.
21. have you ever used Rank, Dense Rank Ntile, CTE and Pivot..
22. Is SSRs 2008 dependent on IIS? if not how it perform the operations.


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